Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 41, February 14

It is Valentine's Day.

Who has not seen the array of candies, cakes, cookies, flowers, cards, and even stuffed unicorns all bearing hearts and cupids and the like at the stores?

You know what? Though I think all these things are lovely (especially those filled with fat-laden calories), they don't set my heart to longing and yearning. As I tell my husband, I'm not "a hearts and flowers" kind of girl.

What, then, touches my heart?

Little things: My husband, Larry, says he "puts up" with our sweet kitty. In fact, he loves her. When he picks her up and cradles her in his arms, my heart melts. Big things: When I voiced my concern about my (widowed) sister's health insurance, Larry said, "We'll add her to ours if need be."

This I know for sure: Valentine's Day is but one day of the year; the constants in my life, such as evidence of my husband's love, are there every day.

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  1. My dear husband looked at me this morning and said, "Happy Commercial Exploitation Day!" He'd rather tell me and show me that he loves me when it strikes him to do it instead of when card companies and chocolate factories say he should. That's just fine with me. I'm not a hearts and flowers kind of girl either.