Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 48, February 21

"A quilt will warm your body and comfort your soul."--Author unknown

Last year, I wrote of the quilts that my mother and her mother and sisters made during the Depression. Those quilts are precious to me for many reasons.

When I was a young mother, a group of friends made a quilt for our first son. The quilt was a simple tied one, but it represented love in action. I wrapped my son in it, used it to cover myself as I nursed him, then, when he was older, I covered him with it when I laid him down for a nap. Recently, I gave that quilt to my son so that he could use it for his sons.

Several years ago, the teenage daughter of some dear friends died unexpectedly. Her death rocked her parents and those who cared about him. What could I do for them? I wanted to wrap my arms around them and hug them with my love. I did, but it was a temporary thing.

Then it occurred to me that a quilt would be a constant reminder of my love. I wish I had the sewing skills to stitch a beautiful, handmade quilt for them, but I don't. Instead, I purchased a quilt in a cheery flowered fabric and took it to them with instructions to use it whenever they needed a hug.

This I know for sure: everyone needs a quilt in their life.

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  1. Quilts and crocheted blankets have dried many a tear and comforted many sick around here. I'm so grateful for them. They do hug when I have to do mundane things like laundry.