Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 47, February 20

A few days ago, my husband, Larry, and I were at a grocery store choosing a treat to take to a family in our ward (congregation) who were going through a rough time. While there, we ran into another lady from our church, who had just returned from taking something to the same family.

Afteward, I commented to Larry, "There can never be too many expressions of love at such a time."

I pondered on my words, and, a few moments later, said, "There can never be too many expressions of love at ANY time." Larry agreed. Certainly, my words are not original nor profound, but they caused me to stop and think. Do I limit my expressions of love to those going through hard times or do I give love naturally and unstintingly?

This I know for sure: there can never be too many expressions of love, at times of crisis or at any time.


  1. It's never the wrong time for expressions of love.

  2. Another neat story and a coincidence about the timing of the two treats? I think not. More like an outpouring of love.