Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 302, November 2

It is not politically correct to talk about evil.  (Those who know me well know just how much being politically correct means to me.)  Indeed, we are not even to say that it (evil) exists.  We are supposed to espouse the theory that everything is good and everything is to be accepted.


Evil is real.  It exists.  It takes up residence wherever it is not forcibly thrown out.  As I have related in the past, I have had close-up experience with evil.  Our family bears its scars.  And will continue to bear its scars.  Evil found its way into our lives through the selfishness and violence of others.

Do you know what ejects evil from our lives?  Shining the light of truth upon it.  Shining the light of Christ upon it.  For evil cannot take root in the light.  It feeds on the darkness; it feeds on fear; it feeds on lies.

This I know for sure:  evil is real.  Our job is to recognize it and then shine light upon it to cast it out.

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