Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 308, November 8

Lately, I've been trying to figure out why some people seem to have such an easy time expressing gratitude and others can't even utter a prayer of thanks to the Father.  Is it a matter of spiritual maturity?  Or is it simply a matter of laziness?  Or perhaps it is a kind of narcissism and selfishness, when one believes that he or she is entitled to whatever kindness is extended.

I've been guilty of all three in my failure to give adequate gratitude to those who deserve it.  I'm not proud of that and, in fact, am deeply ashamed of that weakness within me.

I have one friend who writes a note of thanks for the least thing I have done for her.  Other people have ignored much more generous gifts and acts of service with a cavalier attitude of entitlement.  Because I am all too human, I find that I have little desire to do things for those individuals in the future.  Once again, that is not something of which I am proud. 

This I know for sure:  the expression of gratitude is not just good manners.  It is a commandment from the Lord, one we ignore at our peril.

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