Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 326, November 26

I'm still working on understanding the Atonement, so please forgive me if I refer to this important subject again, and again, as I work it through in my mind.

Christ's suffering upon the cross is well-documented.  Those horrific events astound us, more than two thousand years later. How do we begin to comprehend the intense pain that the Savior suffered?  How do we find even an iota of understanding of what He endured?  And how do we understand what His Father must have endured, seeing His Son suffer so?

Even with all this, though, we may fail to realize that the most intense suffering occurred in the Garden.  There, we are told, Christ took upon Himself the sins of everyone who had ever lived, who would ever live, His suffering so deep that He literally bled from every pore.

This I know for sure:  the Atonement is a gift, for all of us, paid for with Christ's blood.

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  1. What is incomprehensible to me is that he comprehended all in the atonement. Just when I think I might be doing pretty well, I understand something new, or a new facet of something old, and I realize how many years worth of damage or waste I have created by not understanding sooner. Then there are my sins against the light I have received. I don't want to beat myself up over this, but the more I think of these things, the more I realize I can never truly be aware in this life of all the Savior did for me in his.