Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 303, November 3

Today is my granddaughter Reynna's 13th birthday.  Reynna is at that fascinating age, no longer a little girl, not quite a woman.  Her interests range from making hand-stamped cards to the latest teenage heart throb.  She is comfortable with computers in a way I will never be, a familiarity that reminds me of the years and generations that separate us.

But she is my darling and always will be.  Whenever I think she is going to outgrow me, I recall the poem she wrote and presented to me last Christmas.  Though I copied it in this blog earlier, I'd like to do so again:

Grandmother, grandmother comfort me;
Grandmother, grandmother, in times of need.
Grandmother, grandmother, love me so;
Grandmother, grandmother, don't let go.
Grandmother, grandmother, though I'm getting old,
Gandmother, grandmother, I will always be yours--
                    Just like you've been told.

This I know for sure:  Reynna is my joy and my light ... and always will be.


  1. Thanks for posting about Reynna today. Reading this and her poem made me totally tear up.