Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 329, November 29

I've recently had occasion to think about some special friends, friends who are there for me, no matter what. 

There is Tami, who is going through some hard things but takes the time to keep in touch with me and ask how I'm doing.
There is Marian, who, despite worry over her mother, took the time to send a card to my sister.
There is Janet, who, as Relief Society president of our ward, has tremendous responsibilities and still has time to listen to me.
There is Amanda, a busy writer who takes time to make doll clothes for dolls she is giving to children who might otherwise not have a toy at Christmas time.
There is Holly, who made dinner for my husband and me, as a thank-you to him for subbing for her in Sunday School class.
There is Barbara, who is making time to visit a sister in our ward who is confined to a nursing home.
This is my daughter Alanna, who made my favorite dessert for Thanksgiving dinner and then sent home more dessert with me.
There are Laurie and Marlene, Joan and Myrna, Jeannie and Jeannie, Patti and Judy, Deliese and Marilyn, and a host of other angels who brighten my life and those of others in countless ways.

This I know for sure:  angels come in all shapes and sizes and I am lucky enough to call many of them friend.


  1. So nice to have so many good friends, and ones that you can count on. I'm honored to have made the list.

  2. And we are all so blessed to have you as our friend. As the beautiful card you sent me says, "You are a blessing to me."