Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 325, November 25

In a few days, December will be upon us.  We will, if we are not doing so already, become emeshed in the preparations for that special day.  Every year, I vow that this will be the year that I leave behind the commercial trappings of Christmas and concentrate on what it is  about:  the birth of the Savior.  And every year, I fail.

I get caught up in the present choosing and buying and wrapping and delivering.  I get caught up in the preparation of food (and let's not forget the eating).  I get caught up in the parties and concerts and church programs.  And you know what?  I love all those things.  What's more, I think the Savior is all right with them as well, as long as we choose wisely and remember what is truly important. 

And there's the catch:  choosing wisely and remembering what is really important.

This I know for sure:  Christmas belongs to Christ.  Enjoy the rest but remember that they are only trappings and wrappings.


  1. Christmas is a time when it is easy to get down on ourselves. As I read about the life of our Savior, it is clear to me that he was and is a do-er. What you said is key for us: choose wisely and remember what is truly important. I think we have this struggle all the time, but it comes more into focus at Christmas. What's more, everyone feels it, Christian or not. Eternal principles are always functioning. It's our awareness of them that fluctuates.

  2. Several years back we started a tradition of only being able to shop at the Dollar Store - and spend only a dollar on each other. What a delightful time we have on Christmas morning. And it sure takes the headache out of Christmas shopping, it's so much more fun! It's also much easier to remember the reason for the season (as the old saying goes) when the "perfect gift shopping" obstacle is not there!

  3. What lovely words and thank you for the reminder I too love everything that goes along with the Christmas season but we would all be wise to remember Christ just a bit more.