Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 307, November 7

It is with a heavy heart that I write this morning.  It is no secret where my political views lie.  It is no secret of my intense disappointment over the outcome of yesterrday's events.  And, yet, we have to continue with our lives, continue to try to make a difference with our choices.

As I wrote yesterday, our choices have consequeneces.  One of those consequences is my husband's attitude toward his business.  Why, he wonders, bother to try to keep growing it when the present administration announces its intention to take every other dollar.  Why, he wonders, bother to try to provide employment for others when government restrictions hamstring him from every quarter. Why, he wonders, should he continue to take the risks attendant upon owning a small business when he is told by others, even some employees, that no one cares.

Ancient scripture teaches us that if and when America chooses to no longer follow God, that we will be destroyed.  Destruction need not happen in cataclysmic events such as the recent hurricane, though its effects are devastating and will be felt for years (just as will this election).  Destruction can occur in the erosion of our morals, the disillusionment with our leaders, the decline of our patriotism. 

This i know for sure:  America ignores God at her peril, at the peril of all of us.


  1. I'm totally laughing at the comment above. Dad, was that you? I'm sorry that the election went this way as well.