Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 319, November 19

"Those who wish to sing always find a song." -- Swedish proverb
I do not have a lovely singing voice.  It is more of a croak with a limited range of three notes.  But I appreciate the beautiful voices of others.  A long time ago, I decided I needed to find my own way of "singing." For me, that is through my stories, my books, and this blog.
I have many friends who have also found their own way to sing.  One man does it through his sculpture.  Another friend does it with poetry, another through lovingly penned historical romances.  Each has found his or her own way to sing.  They did it because the songs were within them and those songs had to be set free.
This I know for sure:  there are songs in all of us.  Our job is to free them in whatever medium we choose.


  1. Sometimes nothing more than a whispered word or a hug is the "song" another person needs.

  2. A worthy job well done is the music of heaven.