Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day 224, August 10

Yesterday I wrote about prayer.  Today's post is in that same vein.  We're going back in time to 1846, when the Mormons had been driven from Nauvoo, Illinois..

The mobs, so enraged at the members of the church, drove them from their homes without a chance for the Saints to gather clothing and food.  Refugee camps were set up along the riverbacnk.  Most had only blankets or sage brush for shelter and very little, if anything to eat.  Many were too sick to travel and died along the way.  Bishop Newel K. Whitney purchased some flour and distributed it among the people as best he could, but there was not enough to sustain the many hungry people.

The people prayed to the Lord, asking for His mercy.  He answered their prayers in an unusual way.  On October 9, 1846, when the food had all but run out, several large flocks of quail flew into camp and landed on the ground, even on the tables.  The pioneers caught and cooked the quail, filling empty bellies.

The Lord's answer to His people's prayers was swift and sure on that occasion.  Sometimes, His answers are not so clear, and we must find new eyes with which to see those answers.

So, for today, I am grateful for answers to prayer, in whatever form they appear.

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