Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 228, August 14

We're straying from the subject of forget-me-nots because today is a special day.  It is our grandson Brigham's 9th birthday.  I rejoice in this day just as I rejoice in Brigham.  He is full of energy and curiosity, frankness and, most of all, love.

Despite the divorce of his parents, Brigham has stayed strong in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in his love for his family.  It says much of his character that he has been able to do that.  Last year, on his eighth brithday, he made the choice to be baptized.  Since then, he has only grown stronger and more loving.

So, for today and for every day, I am grateful for Brigham.


  1. He's a cutie for sure. I wish he and Christopher lived closer together.

  2. Happy Birthday to a fine young man. Any boy who goes through his parent's divorce with his faith in tact deserves the title young man, I think.