Friday, August 16, 2013

Day 230, August 16

"Third, never forget to be happy now."

Do you ever think "I'll be happy when my children are all in school?" Or "I'll be happy when I have a bigger house" or "I'll be happy when I sell a book?" I've thought and felt all these and more.  President Uchtdort compares these to the "golden tickets" in the book CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY.

In the meantime, I have missed out and am still missing out on many joys because I've put limitations on my happiness. Those parameters have prevented me from feeling all that I can feel, doing all that I can do, and being all that I can be. And isn't that sad?

I'm trying to learn, trying to do better. Maybe that's all that I, all that any of us, can do.

So, for today, I am grateful for those times when I remember to be happy now.


  1. It reminds me of a song called "Now". "And now, you don't worry about what's happened or what will. . . and all of your answers lie waiting for you here––now." It seems to me that each one of us holds a golden ticket––now. We already have this moment to be happy. We just forget that.

  2. I think about those types of things all the time, unfortunately. I really fall short in this area.