Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 237, August 23

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Ft. Collins Temple is taking place this month.  For members of the church in the northern Colorado area, having a temple close by is exciting news.  However, most of us are not invited to attend the event.  Church officials believed (and rightly so) that having too many people show up and crowd the residential streets with our cars would be off-putting to the neighbors.

To tell the truth, I was a bit miffed.  "Here we are supposed to participate in all sorts of cleaning and service projects but we can't go to the groundbreaking ceremony," I huffed to my husband.  (Not my finest moment, hour, or day.)

Around this same time, I read a story of church history about a man who had contributed $700 toward the building of the Nauvoo (Illinois) Temple.  In the 1800s, this was a huge amount.  He arrived late at the dedication ceremony only to find there wasn't a seat for him and he was turned away.  Like me, he was miffed.  In fact, he was so annoyed that he ended up leaving the church over the incident.  Where was his testimony, I couldn't help but wonder.

I hope I would never leave the church over what is truly a trifling thing, but as my own reaction revealed, I am not immune to those feelings. 

So, for today, I am grateful for those whose testimony is stronger than hurt feelings.

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