Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 184, July 1

Today marks six months of doing The Gratitude Blog. It has been a joyful and painful, revealing and concealing process of discovery. Does that sound contradictory? That may be because it is. A scripture instructs us that there must be opposition in all things.
How can something be both joyful and painful? Isn't that what life is? A journey of joy and pain and all those feelings in between? As for the revealing and concealing part, I realize that I have been more open in this blog than I usually am. I am normally a rather private person. However, inspiration from the Lord and encouragement from you have had me sharing many experiences. But there is still much I haven't shared. This is probably a good thing. I don't want to be guilty of the sin of TMI (too much information)
Well, that was a drawn-out explanation, wasn't it?
Writing this blog shows me how far I have to go in being grateful. To my husband. My children. My friends. And, most of all, to the Lord. Just as the Lord tells us that we should pray constantly, so should I be grateful constantly.
It is a humbling thing to accept that I still remain arrogant and prideful in so many areas of my life. How can I think that I know best ... in anything at all? How can I presume to write about something in which I clearly need so much work?
So, today, I am grateful for the Lord's reminder that I need to do better.

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