Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 188, July 7

I have another confession to make: I am a craigslist.junkie. I use it to identify garage sales (one of my vices) and, occasionally, to list things for sale. One day I had the brilliant idea of going to the barter section. There, I listed that I'd like to trade tutoring in English and writing for some other skill.
When I received my first (and only) response, I was thrilled. Maybe I could work out a deal for someone to do yardwork or housework in return for my tutoring their child. Imagine my surprise when I opened the email and found that a gentleman wanted me to be his "naughty, kinky teacher." He then proceeded to give his description and a number where I could reach him.
I deleted it, but not before I chuckled. I'm certain he thought he would be getting someone much younger rather than my grandmother-ish self with my pasty white skin, bad hip, and bad feet. I suppose I shouldn't find this funny, and I apologize to those who believe I should be outraged. I'm sorry that I can't summon up sufficient umbrage, but, as I've said in earlier posts, I like to laugh.
When I told my husband, he said, "Maybe you can work it in to the blog. You can be grateful for career alternatives."
Well, this will not be a new career direction for me, but it has given me my laugh for today.
So, for today, I am grateful for humor found in unexpected places.


  1. Oh my! Isn't it wonderful that your husband laughs about it with you!

  2. This is absolutely hilarious Mom. I'm glad you found some humor.