Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 189, July 8

I like pretty jewelry. It doesn't have to be costly. In fact, expensive jewelry makes me nervous. What if I were to lose it? I'd never forgive myself. So I look for my "pretties" (that is a term my Tennessee grandmother used to refer to sparkly baubles) at garage sales. When I find an especially lovely one, I snap it up. Such pieces are an easy way to bring color and style to an outfit.
How else can we adorn ourselves?
A smile rivals a Tiffany necklace. The lines that comes from laughter beat out a Harry Winston tiara any day of the week. One of my favorite people, Dorothy, celebrated her eighty-plus years with humor. She bejeweled herself with her pleasure in people and the world around her. Her face bore the lines of joyful living; her eyes shone with it. Her mouth easily tipped into a smile at my outrageous stories. She asked me to compose silly poems to send to her doctor, whom, she said, needed his sense of humor sparked. I did so gladly.
So, for today, I am grateful for the necklace of a smile and reminders of a friend.

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  1. I rarely wear jewelry. It started when one of my children exhibited extremely well-developed fine motor skills on my earrings. I discovered something from that. There is a particular kind of burning pain that can only come from a stressed earlobe. Right now, my children are my jewels. And they are all in need of a good cleaning!