Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 196, July 15

I love movies and television shows where good triumphs over evil. That sounds so very simplistic, doesn't it, even naive. If so, I plead guilty. I plead guilty to wanting the good things of the world to triumph over the evil things. I plead guilty to wanting good people to triumph over evil ones.

My husband says that I see the world in black and white. He is probably right. (He usually is.) Fortunately, the Father has provided many opportunities for me to witness acts of generosity, charity, and love--the white.

Perhaps it is because that I am a writer that I am also an observer, and so I watch. I watch our church family come together to help a family going through a crisis. I watch my son give his two small boys the righteous guidance that every child needs. I watch a friend help a young bride-to-be alter a wedding dress so that it fits perfectly.

Small things? Maybe.

But the Lord has told us that out of small things shall mighty things emerge.

So, for today, I am grateful for small things.

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