Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 195, July 14

Yesterday I wrote about true women. It seems I am not quite finished with that theme. Many of you know that I am Mormon. I am proud of my heritage, proud of the men and women, especially the women, who came before.

Allow me to share another story with you, this one taken from church history. Many of you will already know this, so please bear with me. In the mid-nineteenth century, the Saints were commanded to build a temple at Nauvoo, Illinois. There was little money, but faithful members of the church followed the Lord's direction and sacrificed of their means and time to construct a place of worship.

The women served food to the workers, sewed clothing for them, and helped in every way they could. When they were asked to give their china to be chopped up in to small pieces to add to the beauty of the building, they did not hesitate. They did it with a joyful heart, grateful for this opportunity to obey the Lord.

Could I do that? Could I give up a cherished treasure, perhaps the only thing of beauty I possessed? Probably not. But these women did. Not too long later, they were called to leave Nauvoo, to leave behind their homes, their gardens, the temple for which they had sacrificed so much.

True women. Courageous women. Faithful women.

So, for today, I am, once again, grateful for true women.

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