Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 211, July 30

I've been surprised, and pleased, at some of the comments made on this blog. Somehow it has found its way to people living outside the United States, people I don't know. Conversely, it has failed to make its way to people of my own family and my own town. That is one of those "go figure" things that make life interesting.
I like interesting things. I like interesting people. I like finding connections and relationships between things, between people. Those relationships between people especially intrigue me, probably one of the reasons why I am a writer.
As I observe people, it occurs to me that we gather around us those who are most like us, not in appearance, or jobs, or economic status, but in the values we share. Values define who and what we are.
How we treat those who serve us in different ways comes from values. I have watched people who are disdainful of those who offer service. And I have watched those who are gracious and thankful to those who offer service. A kind word. A compliment. Thoughtfully expressed gratitude.
These are small things. As were the acts of the Savior. Yet who can deny the influence of His words and deeds? And who can predict the effect of our words and deeds? Will they some day be chronicled as were our Lord's? Or will they be forgotten?
Quite frankly, I hope some of mine will be forgotten, especially those times when I was selfish and cruel, thoughtless and careless. I can't make those things right, but I have the agency to do better the next time. The Lord has given me, has given all of us, second chances.
So, for today, I am grateful for second chances.

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