Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 194, July 13

Several years back, I watched a made-for-television movie entitled TRUE WOMEN, based on the book of the same time. In it, two sisters forged a life for themselves in the harsh Texas landscape of the 19th century. They survived disease, poverty, and Indian attacks (forgive me for being politically incorrect there, but saying "Native American attacks" just sounded wrong).
I know many true women today. Chances are you do as well. Let me share with you sketches of a few of these women. A cousin, widowed early, served, at her own expense, a mission for the church in Samoa. When she returned, she took her widowed mother into her home and now cares for her. Several friends raise their grandchildren, making sure these young spirits are reared in righteousness and love. My sister-in-law cares for her nearly 90-year-old father, taking care of his most basic needs from putting on his socks to making sure he takes his medication. A dear friend writers inspirational romances, touching her readers with stories of hope, healing, and forgiveness.
These women give of themselves, making their small slice of the world a better place. Who knows how far their sphere of influence extends. Could a child, raised under the tender tutelage of his grandmother, someday discover the cure for a disease that plagues us today? Could a reader of my friend's books take away a message of hope and gather the strength necessary to find a happier life?
So, for today, I am grateful for true women.


  1. You mean true women aren't made out of plastic and botox? Golly, I think I've been sold a bill of goods.

    Yet which things are shouted at us every day? We need to teach our children that the loudest voice is not necessarily the most correct. To do that, we need to learn the lesson ourselves.

  2. Great post Mom. There are lots of "true" women around us. Those are the ones we should try and emulate.