Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 204, July 23

Yesterday I wrote about chasing after gold. It took me back to years ago when I watched westerns on television. Prospecting for gold was a common theme. Frequently, men were taken in by what was called "fool's gold." They found "some color" and believed themselves rich, only to later discover that the ore they had mined was, in fact, pyrite or fool's gold.
We are no less susceptible to being taken in by fool's gold than the eager prospectors of an earlier century. We have only to look around us to find examples of it. I have some dear friends who talked themselves out of believing in the divinity of Christ in favor of believing Him to being simply a great teacher. They have been fooled. A son's former wife has traded her family and church for the things of the world. She has been fooled. A husband and father who once looked to his and child wife for love and support now looks to drugs. He has been fooled.
What am I fooled by? As I approach another birthday, am I lured by the claims of anti-aging creams and surgical procedures to turn back the years? There is nothing wrong with such things. The wrong comes when I make this--or anything--more important than family and faith. Am I willing to sacrifice those things of eternal worth for those which give only fleeting pleasure? I hope not.
So, for today, I am grateful for those things which are of eternal worth.

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