Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 203, July 22

The other day I watched a television show where people were caught up in gold fever. It was set in contemporary times, with educated individuals chasing after gold, leaving behind families and lives.
I would never do that, I told myself with more than a touch of self-righteouessness. I would never leave my family, my responsiblities to chase after gold. But it set me to wondering what I have left behind to chase after other kinds of gold.
When I neglect to give a friend in trouble the attention and time she needs because I am busy with my writing, I am chasing after gold. When I fail to carry through with my church responsibilities in favor of watching a movie, I am chasing after gold. When I choose a quiet morning at home rather than attending my church services, I am chasing after gold.
Gold is different for each of us. For me, quiet and privacy are a kind of gold. Success in my writing is another kind of gold. For others, designer clothing and expensive cars are a kind of gold. Gold tempts us, and I am no exception. Who can resist the allure of its glitter and sparkle?
There is another kind of gold, that of eternal riches that comes when we choose the Lord over the things of the world.
So, for today, I am grateful for the times when I choose the Lord.

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  1. Someone defined being rich as having a dime more than you need (inflation adjustment=$10 more than you need). I feel rich when the Lord offers me 10 minutes more quiet than I absolutely needed before going insane! I'd be grateful for just 10 minutes actually.