Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 105, April 13

A couple of days ago I wattched the movie Les Miserables.  The beautiful music was the backdrop of a story of redemption, of mercy, of justice. 

Justice and mercy--the twin edges of one sword.  I have always struggled with justice, believing it should be paid in full.  But mercy, the Lord's mercy, answers the demands of justice.  For those who have wronged my family, I want justice.  Try as I will, I had and have no mercy for them. 

But how can I profess to beleive the Lord, to believe in the Lord, if I deny the mercy which He gives me, each and every single day?  The short answer, the only answer, is that I can't.  And that is where the third component of this beautiful story comes in:  redemption.  For when I give mercy, I am redeemed.

So, for today, I am grateful for the Lord's redemptive powers, which tempers justice with mercy ... for me, for everyone.

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  1. At times when I have the wrong spirit, I have wondered at the necessity for my having mercy if Father already has that covered. See, I told you it was the wrong spirit. He even has mercy for that.