Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 113, April 21

I am home again after being gone for more than two weeks.  I love the phrase "home again."  Home is that special place, where memories and love blend into a comfortable and sweet familiarity.  Home is having my husband return after ten hours at the office.  Home is having my cat sit on my lap and give me her rough-tongued kitty kisses.

Larry and I are at the point in our lives when we could afford a bigger, fancier house.  You know what I discovered?  I didn't want bigger or fancier.  I want the place where my children grew up.  I want the place where I helped my daughter learn to make her letters.  I want the place where I worked with my sons on cub scouting and then earning their Eagle Scout.  I wanted home.

So, for today, I am grateful to be home again.

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  1. I'm glad you love your home and are home again.