Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 95, April 4

I'm continually amazed at the strength of the young people, of our ward (congregation), of our church, of our nation.  While the media persists in highlighting the negatives and weaknesses of the youth, I see goodness, a willingness to serve, and hope for their--and our--future.

In re-reading the posts of the last week or so of this blog, I counted no less than four that talked of teens and young adults.  It is not that I set out to laud this age group, only that I found much to be proud of in them.

In our own ward are teens who serve others with a willingness that puts me to shame.  These same teenagers get up every morning from Monday through Friday to go to early morning seminary (starting at 6 am and going until 6:50).  The  boys work to earn Eagle rank in Scouts, the girls to earn their Personal Progress Awards in Young Women.  Each involves commitment, persistence, and long hours.  Several of these young people have already made the decision to serve a mission for the church.

So, for today, I am grateful for the youth of our church and of our nation.

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