Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 117, April 25

Last week, our area was hit by a tremendous snowstorm.  In the middle of April, we had more snow than we'd had all winter.  A good foot of snow covered our yard.  I was certain that my tulips, which had nearly reached the budding stage, were dead.  The snow melted, and there were the tulips, bowed but unbroken.

Their stalks lay flattened on the ground, the leaves bent double, but the buds were still intact.   I've written before about the resilience of flowers.  Like strong people, they weather life's storms, emerging stronger and more vibrant than ever.  What a lesson for those of us who aren't as strong, who feel beaten up by the challenges thrown at us.

So, for today, and again, I am grateful for flowers that withstand nature's storms.

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  1. Well, they hadn't bloomed yet. That's when they'd be in real danger. I think we know that instinctively. How many times am I afraid to bloom because of a snowstorm that might happen?