Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 94, April 3

Our son Rob and his wife Jenny are working with their two sons to help the boys learn to save and manage their money.  Savings are marked for missions (for the church) and a trip to Disney World.  In a society where immediate gratification is rewarded and saving is seen as incidental, even foolish, Rob and Jenny's desire to help their boys develop this trait is more than admirable. 

Many years ago my husband and I worked with our children to help them to learn to budget their money.  I had all but forgotten this until Rob said that his family was employing the same system.  Upon hearing this, I felt a rush of pleasure.   Maybe some of our parenting had "stuck"  after all.

Frequently parents don't see the results of their work until years, perhaps even decades, later.  Sometimes those results aren't good; sometimes they are.

So, for today, I am grateful for Rob and Jenny and righteous parents everywhere.

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  1. Now, have their boys visit Capitol Hill, and explain the system to the men and women they meet there. Picture the look the boys would give at the idea of spending money you don't have. Then tell me who's more mature.