Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 115, April 23

One morning, as I knelt by my bed and poured out my heart to the Father, I realized that I was switching pronouns in addressing Him.  At times, I addressed Him as "Thee," using the prayer language I had been taught as a child.  At other times, I addressed him as "You," using more familiar language.

The writer in me was intrigued at my unconscious switching of the pronouns and I couldn't help wondering at the cause.  Then it came to me.  I use "Thee" when addressing the Father as my Father in Heaven.  I use "You" when addressing Him as my dear and constant friend.  That He is both, at one and the same time, seemed to make no difference in my prayers.

Isn't it wonderful that He can be both, for me, for everyone?  However we address Him, He is the Father of us all and He is our dear and constant friend.

So, for today, I am grateful for the Father, always.

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  1. Now I'm going to be pronoun-conscious. I'm sure I do the same thing.