Monday, August 4, 2014

Day 206, August 4

Forgive me if I write more about my dear sister Carla.

Following her funeral, her four (living) children got together and talked about how best to honor her, especially in dealing with some people who had hurt her deeply.  They came up with "WWCD?" (What Would Carla Do?), a play on the familiar acronym "WWJD?" (What Would Jesus Do?)

Isn't that lovely?

I teased one of her sons that WWCD was far more fitting than using WWJD to say "What Would Jane Do?"  For Jane (that's me) would not be nearly as kind or as forgiving to these people.  She would want to rain down fury upon them.   In fact, she still wants to do that.  In many respects, I'm still that little girl of decades ago, all bony elbows and knobby knees, threatening to punch out anyone who dares to even think of hurting my sister.

And then I realized that that isn't what Carla needs.  Like the Savior, she needs me to have a broken heart and a contrite spirit.

So I am trying to honor Carla as her children, far wiser than I, wish.

Joy for today:  honoring Carla.


  1. I tried to add a comment earlier......not forgiveness is necessary, please write about Carla as long and as often as you want. I love hearing about my friend.

  2. I agree. Write about her as much and as often as you would like. I'm sure Aunt Carla is pleased that people are trying to honor her.