Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Day 208, August 6

The other day I read an article online about a young mother who was asked to leave a fast food restaurant because she was nursing her infant.  A little background:  the mother was sitting at the rear of the restaurant, had a blanket placed discreetly over her baby son, and was quietly nursing him.

As I read and then re-read the article, I grew more and more incensed.  What is going on in our country when it is all right, even legal, to smoke and eat marijuana but it isn't all right to nurse one's baby?  Could there be any greater irony?

Okay.  I get it.  I know some people are uncomfortable with the sight of a woman nursing her child.   But don't order her to leave a restaurant, where, by the way, she was a paying customer.  

I nursed our first four children and consider those some of the most precious experiences of my life.  Not only was I giving my babies the very best nourishment I could give them, I was bonding with them in the tenderest way possible.  (Our fifth child was adopted, and though I tried nursing her, it wasn't to be.)

Joy for today:  reading of a mother's love. 

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