Thursday, August 21, 2014

Day 223, August 21

"We are lonesome animals.  We spend all our life trying to be less lonesome.  One of our ancient methods is to tell a story, begging the listener to say--and to feel--'Yes, that's the way it is, or at least that the way I feel it.  You're not as alone as you thought.'"  John Steinbeck

These words immediately resonated within me when I ran across them.  Perhaps it is because I am an introvert that I am a voracious reader.  Perhaps I am trying to feel less alone in finding likeness in the words of another.  And perhaps that is why I write, as well, in that same attempt to find connection with others.

Whatever the reason, I am grateful for storytelling.  I am grateful for the art of it and for those who practice it.  When I was a little girl, I made up stories about my friends.  They came to me at lunchtime in our school's ancient cafeteria (there were no cafe-audio-toriums at that time) and asked me to tell them a story about themselves.

Of course I obliged.

The stories ranged from heroic princes saving tragic princesses to pioneers crossing the plains and carrying everything they owned, including refrigerators, in their handcarts.  (I never said these stories were realistic, did I?)

Without iPads, ipods, iphones, and "I" everything else, we entertained ourselves and each other with stories. They were wonderful times.

Joy for today:  finding connections through storytelling.

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