Sunday, August 17, 2014

Day 219, August 17

It's been almost four weeks since my sister died.  So many things remind me of her.  I see a Subaru car, and I think, "That looks like Carla's."  I watch a show on TV and think, "Carla would have laughed with me at the antics of the characters."  I hear a hymn that she loved and think, "Carla should be hearing this with me."

And so on.

Then I realize that Carla knows my thoughts, knows that I miss her, knows that I love her still.  My heart is gladdened to know that she is never far away.

Another part of my heart, that part which is still grieving, which will always grieve, longs to hold her, to share with her thoughts and feelings, to call her up and laugh over silly things.  It is a heart divided.

Joy for today:  remembering Carla.

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  1. *hugs* she is definitely missed and fondly remembered.