Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day 207, August 5

I found an article in a fashion magazine about four styles:  the sexy librarian, the cool schoolgirl, the tomboy, and the galleria fashionista.  As I read the details of each style, I realized I didn't fit any of them, and I started to wonder just where my style lay.

The term "second-hand Rose" comes to mind, as 99% of my clothes, purses, and jewelry come from garage sales.

Though that came closer than any of the other so-called styles to mine, it still wasn't where I wanted to be.  Finally, I realized that I wanted my style to be "Daughter of God."  I doubt that is going to make any of the style magazines.  But then neither will I.

And that's okay.

So what is the "Daughter of God" style? Here are a few random thoughts.  She is modest.  She is appropriately dressed (okay, that lets me out right there as I'm often dressed in sweats).  She is more concerned with doing good than looking good.

Joy for today:  finding my own style (even if it won't be featured in a fashion magazine).

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