Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day 226, August 24

"Love is a softening of the heart; pride is a hardening."--Marilyn Arnold

I counted the words in the above sentence.  Eleven.  Eleven small words that say so much.

Love has everything to do with the Savior.  And pride has nothing to do with Him.  I can feel my heart loosening and softening when I am in tune with the Savior.  I am more likely to forgive, more likely to show compassion, more likely to act upon that compassion when I am in tune with Him.  A soft heart.

Likewise, when I am not in tune with Him, when pride takes over, I am thinking of myself and only myself.  I am thinking of how to get even with those who have hurt me or my family.  I am thinking of finding ways to justify myself and my sins.  A hard heart.

Joy for today:  allowing the Savior to soften my heart.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder about pride and how we should allow the Savior into our heart.