Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day 228, August 26

Yesterday I wrote, among other things, about the porcupine who wanted to be a different animal.  He followed around other animals, trying to hop like the bunny, scurry like the squirrel, etc.  The story concludes by the porcupine recognizing that he would always be a porcupine and accepting that.

I've always thought that that porcupine was very smart in reaching his conclusion in the space of a children's story.  And I wonder why I can't find the same wisdom in accepting what I am.

I look at my friends and want to have their talents, their strengths, their skills, their attributes.  I want to play the organ like Janet, write like Amanda, be organized like Suzanne, etc. (If I listed all my friends here and their remarkable talents, I'd be writing all day.)

So what's my point?  Like the porcupine, I'm me.  As I said yesterday, that should be enough.

Joy for today:  being me.  Warts, or quills, and all.


  1. We should all be so wise to accept ourselves as we are. I'm thinking we do ourselves a disservice and make our Father in Heaven sad when we don't and compare our shortcomings to other people's best traits.

  2. Ditto on what Alanna said. I know it is hard for me to remember we are children of God and everything God makes is wonderful. Everyone one has special gifts. Some gifts are more noticeable than others but nevertheless all the gifts are special big or small. Jane, I have always known you are special and keep believing that every day! Hugs!