Saturday, August 23, 2014

Day 225, August 23

A few days ago, a sweet friend, Suzanne, was helping me with some family history work.  Our efforts to get in to the site to post the information were continually thwarted.  Finally, Suzanne said, "I know what's wrong.  We forgot to start with prayer."

We folded our arms, and she offered a beautiful prayer, asking for the Lord's help in our efforts.  We struggled for a few more minutes to get in to the site, but then our efforts were rewarded.  We managed to post eight life sketches on family members and ancestors.  Why hadn't we started with prayer in the first place?

I realized that I had been so anxious to get this work done that I had neglected to invite the Lord to share in this endeavor and to ask Him for His blessings.  How foolish.  And how short-sighted.

Joy for today:  remembering to ask the Lord for His help.  In everything.

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