Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 232, August 20

My sister has four little granddaughters, ranging in age from two to six years old. They are delightful with an infinite capacity to play make-believe. They especially like to make believe that they are princesses. With that in mind, I haunt garage sales for princess costumes: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle (from Beauty and the Beast), and others.
I, too, like to play make believe. In my fantasies, I am enviably thin, beautiful, and talented. In my more thoughtful fantasies, I am compassionate, spiritual, and kind. If I possessed all these qualities, I would be next-door to being perfect and probably insufferable, so it's just as well that these remain fantasies.
Do you have fantasies? I'm betting you do. What are some of them? Do you dream of writing a New York Times bestselling novel as I do? Do you dream of running in a marathon? Do you dream of winning the lottery? What do you have to do to make these dreams come true?
Do you remember the hackneyed story of the woman hoping to win the lottery? Dutifully, she prays every night. Finally, God tells her, "You've got to buy a ticket first." The moral of the story is, of course, that we need to put forth the necessary work if we're to make our dreams happen.
Some of our dreams require that we have a partner. When my husband wanted to start a business, he knew he needed a partner to supplement his skills. He found the right partner and, together, they built a successful business.
I'm not certain that God will bless our efforts to win the lottery, but I am certain that He will bless our righteous endeavors. When we partner with the Lord, we are bringing in the ultimate Partner.
So, for today, I am grateful for dreams and for the ultimate Partner.

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