Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 240, August 28

“Language is the amber in which a thousand precious and subtle thoughts
have been safely embedded and preserved.” Richard C. Trench, poet.
A writer friend sent this to me, knowing it would reach out and touch my heart. It is no secret that I love words. I love the beauty of them. I love the nuances and subtleties of them. I love what talented writers, such as the above poet, can do with a few well-chosen words.
English is a language of contradictions. Take, for example, the word cleave. It can mean to cut. It can also mean to cling. The difference lies in how it is used
I understand the use and power of language. Unfortunately, I don't always use that power in a positive way. Occasionally, I employ words to hurt, to criticize, to belittle. Surely that is not how the Lord desires me to use words. He desires that I use them to uplift, to inspire, to give praise to Him.
So, for today, I am grateful for the power of words to sing praise to the Lord.

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