Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 236, August 24

While I was visiting my sister last week, we did some yoga together. I'm certain, that with my arthritic hip, I would have made a good candidate to star in one of America's Funniest Home videos. However, we persevered.
The teacher instructed us to center ourselves in the act of inhaling and exhaling. As I worked to do just that, I was reminded that I need to center myself in something--or Someone else.
How do I center myself in Christ? How do I give myself over to Him? These are questions with which I have pondered and struggled over many years.
Can I center myself in Him when I am angry? Of course not. Can I give myself over to Him when I am selfish? Again, no. Can I find Him when I am filled with pride? The answer is simple: don't be angry or selfish or prideful or anything else that takes me from the Lord.
As is true with so many of life's simple answers, the application is much more difficult. I will probably always trip over the stumbling blocks of anger and selfishness and pride and a host of other sins.
All I can do is to keep trying.
So, for today, I am grateful for the reminder to center myself in the true Center--Christ, my Lord.

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