Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 358, December 24

Do you feel the excitement in the air? Christmas is but a day away. This year, it falls on a Sunday. How appropriate that we celebrate Christ's birth on the Sabbath, the day set aside for worshipping Him.
I have always loved Christmas Eve. I love the anticipation of it. I love the last minute preparations. I love the secrets shared and the secrets kept.
Years ago, some friends brought over a bike they had bought for their daughter and stored it in our garage until Christmas Eve. That evening, they picked it up to have it ready for the morning. I was delighted to be "in" on the surprise.
What are your favorite Christmas Eve memories? Do you have special foods that always grace your table? With her husband of German descent, my sister and her family had German sausages, red cabbage, and hot potato salad for their Christmas Eve meal. Other families prefer to have their big meal on Christmas day. Traditions are important, not in the ritual, but in the sense of continuity they give.
So, for today, I am grateful for Christmas Eve.

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