Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 213, August 3

A talk in our ward's (congregation) Sunday meeting focused on enduring to the end.  That is a popular theme in Mormon culture, perhaps because we must all, in our own way, endure to the end.  Sometimes that end is simply the end of the day.  As a young mother, I doubted somedays whether I would make it to the end of the day. 

For an individual undergoing chemotherapy, enduring to the end means holding out and holding on through months of sickkness and weakness.  For my sister's mother-in-law, a valiant lady who suffered from severe dementia, enduring to the end meant living with the loss of dignity and awareness.

Each of us face different kinds of ordeals.  We can help each other in this journey we call life by recognizing when another is struggling and holding out a hand.

This I know for sure:  the refiner's fire is no respecter of persons, and we will all be required to step in to the flames.

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