Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 216, August 8

I find inspiration for this blog in the strangest places.  The other night, my husband had on a movie (I can't remember the title).  In it, the main character says, "If you want to SEE  a miracle, BE a miracle."

What a great quote.  I frequently ask the Lord for miracles.  I ask Him to soften my hard heart.  I ask Him to bless friends and family members who are struggling with health, financial, family, etc. problems.  I ask Him for all sorts of things.

Perhaps He is waiting for me to do something.  I can't heal anyone, but I can pray for him.  I can send a card or deliver a plate of donuts (that I  have bought, not made).  I can't erase the financial problems of a friend, but I can listen while she worries aloud over them.  I can't make a recalcitrant grown child return to the Gospel, but I can hold my friend while she cries about that same child.

No, I'm certainly not saying that I can be a miracle.  But maybe, just maybe, I can ease someone else's pain, if only for a moment.

This I know for sure:  though I can't be a miracle, I can be a friend.


  1. Yes, and you can just sit, chat and laugh with a friend... :)