Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 222, August 14

Today is my grandson Brigham's birthday.  It is an especially important one as Brigham turns 8 this year.  In the Mormon Church, children are (normally) baptized at age 8 and make covenants with the Lord..

As Brigham takes this step, I hope he will feel the Spirit.  I hope he will know that his parents and grandparents love him.  Most of all, I hope he will know that the Savior loves him.

Brigham came to our family by way of adoption, a blessing for all of us.  He is full of energy, curiosity, and a touch of mischief.  (Well, maybe more than a touch.)  He charges through life with the enthusiasm of a six-week-old puppy.  He is also filled with a sweetness that can bring tears to my eyes.

This I know for sure:  Brigham is a bright star in my life.

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