Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 220, August 12

I grew up in the Mormon Church and loved (and still do) the hymns.  One hymn in particular caught my attention and imagination:  "How Firm a Foundation."  The stately rhythm and beautiful lyrics always brought tears to my eyes.  The chorus began with the phrase, "You who unto Jesus, you who unto Jesus ..."

As a child, I translated those words to "Yoohoo unto Jesus, yoohoo unto Jesus ..."  (My southern roots were showing, I suppose, as in the South, people often give a "yoohoo" or shout a "holler" to neighbors and passers-by.)  I never considered my innocent translation to be irreverent--I saw it as speaking to Jesus with the familiarity of a friend, which I considered Him.

In 1985, the Church redid the hymn book, adding new hymns and changing some of the words of others.  "You who unto Jesus" was changed to "Who unto the Savior."  Though I understand, mostly, the reasons behind the change, I regretted it nonetheless.  I had long since realized that we were not really singng "Yoohoo unto Jesus," but I still cherished those sweet mistaken words.

This I know for sure:  I can still give Jesus a "yoohoo" because He is, and always will be, my Friend.


  1. This is my favorite hymn and speaks beautifully of our Savior. Thank you for writing and sharing your thoughts.

  2. I love the idea of a yoohoo to Jesus -- what a wonderful thought.