Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 224, August 16

In the 1930s, linguist Benjamin Whorf  posited that language determined the nature and content of our thoughts.  For decades. educators, psychiatirsts, anthropologists, and other conducted experiments, trying to prove--or disprove- this theory.  No one was able to disprove it.  Some professionals took the theory a step further, claiming that our language creates reality.

One study revealed that grateful people have a peculiar linguistic syle.  They use words such as blessings, giving, receiving, abundance, and fortunate.  Ungrateful people also have their own language, involving words such as scarcity, poor, needy, loss, and regrets.

What significance does this have for us?

If we use the language of gratitude, we will likely find that our thoughts, indeed, our very nature, have changed for the better, even when our cirucmstances remain the same.

This I know for sure:  gratitude is a matter of attitude and attitude determines our happiness.


  1. I love this comment. "gratitude is a matter of attitude and attitude determines our happiness".

    How very true.

  2. If there were a "like" button I would "like" your comment, Alanna. :) A favorite quote of mine: Your attitude determines your altitude.