Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 215, August 7

You may have noticed an absence of two days in this blog.  As I wrote, I had resolved to give it up.  I couldn't keep going.  Or so I told myself.  Then the Universe or the Lord (I'm thinking the latter) intervenes and gives me reason--or a sign--to start again.

First, let me explain that I am technologically challenged.  Five months ago, my husband put Pandora (a music app) on my phone.  He chose music I'd like, which includes what I call soft rock. Today, in hainging up after receiving a call from him, I accidentally pushed the Pandora app.  I hadn't meant to and was, in fact, annoyed with myself because once it's on there, I don't know how to stop it.  (Hence, the technologically challenged part.)

To continue with the story, Anne Murray's beautiful tones wafted from the phone in "You Needed Me."  My annoyance forgotten, I listened to the lyrics ...  and tears rolled down my cheeks.   Would that I had a voice like hers, instead of my pitiful croak.

But that's not the point.  "You Needed Me" was what I needed to hear.  Not that anyone needed me at that moment, but I needed the Lord.  I needed His presence.  As the song progressed, I cried harder because I amended  the words to the Lord, "I needed  Thee."   I shouldn't put it in the past tense:   I need Him.  Every moment.  Every hour.  Every day.

So, I'm back, sharing my mixed-up story with anyone who cares to read it.  The truth is, my followers (all 33 of them) don't need my blog.  But I need to write it.  I walked away and found I couldn't stay away.

This I know for sure:  the Lord has a plan, for me, for all of us.  And sometimes He, in His infinite wisdom, points out that plan in peculair, poignant, and perfect ways.


  1. What a lovely story! You and I have so much in common, including an admiration for Anne Murray's voice. "You Needed Me" is one of her most beautiful songs, and now that I know it inspired you to continue your blog, it will always have a special meaning for me.

  2. Sometimes I read your blogs daily, other times I catch up a few missed days. I feel some comfort and connection when I read them. Thank you for writing them.