Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 40, February 9

A few days ago, my family was deeply involved in the Super Bowl, rooting for their favorite team.  Not a football fan myself, I can still, however, appreciate the cheerleaders.  They bolster their teams' spirits when they're down; cheer them on when they're ahead.

I'm fortunate enough to have cheerleaders in my life.  Cheerleaders appear in many guises.  There's my husband, who's always there.  My children, my sister, my friends.  Each, in his or her own way, lifts me up when I'm down, and each cheers me on when I'm ahead. 

And then there's my Heavenly Father.  He, too, lifts me up when I'm down.  He, too, cheers me on when I'm ahead.  He's there, quietly holding my hand even when I'm not aware of His presence.

So, for today, I am grateful for the cheerleaders in my life.  All of them.

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  1. I'm grateful for real cheerleaders, not the ones plastic paid smiling sideline ones who don't really know the difference between a safety in the game and the safety on a gun. Wanna know how I really feel about it?