Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 50, February 19

I believe in angels.  I believe in heavenly angels who watch over us.  I also believe in earthly angels who also watch over us.  What would I do without the angels in my life?

I'd be in a whole lot of trouble.

There was the time (actually several times) when my mind drifted as I was driving.  Only heavenly intervention saved me from causing a serious accident. 

Then there are the times when earthly angels step in to make my life better.  These angels come in various guises.  There is my sweet daughter Alanna, who is always ready to send a card to a friend or family member who needs an extra dose of love.  There is my writer friend Amanda, who puts aside her own writing to critique a project for me.  There is Laurie, who shared her talents to decorate for our son's wedding reception.  And there are dozens of others, all are angels who bless my life.

So, for today, I am grateful for angels, both heavenly and earthly.

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